Trips in the area

From Coimbra there are several (short) trips to make, by car or public transport.

Conimbriga and Buçaco

The ancient Roman city ‘Conimbriga’ (20 km) and the forest and palace of Buçaco (40km) are the most famous.


It is also possible to take the train to Lousã, visit on Wednesday the market of Miranda do Corvo, continue by train and make a beautiful walking tour up into the mountains of Lousã.

Natural park

A trip to the natural park and wetlands of Paul Arzila (7 km) is worthwhile for those who like tranquility, wildlife and nature.


For beachlovers there is not only the ocean of Figueira da Foz (45 km) or Mira (50 km) and Aveiro beach (75 km) but also the riverbeach of Coimbra, in the direction of Penacova only 15 minutes by car or bus (10 km).